About Us

Marde’s Grooming is a full pet grooming facility.  I do all breeds of dogs and cats.  I have been grooming pets for people for 36 years.  Marde’s Grooming has been around since 1990 and I have been in the same area since 1981. I have seen many of my pets from puppyhood through old age, and have grieved with many of my customers when their beloved pet died.  I love what I do and find a great deal of personal satisfaction in keeping pets looking and feeling their best.

Marde’s Grooming is a place where most dogs and cats like to visit.  Many of my little clients love to come see me even though they aren’t particularly fond of the grooming process.  I get them wet and most pets would rather choose when and where they get wet.  They also have to stand still longer than they usually do but most seem to tolerate even this.