How to Stop Dog Digging

Holes can destroy a beautiful yard and reflects badly on the owner. However, your dog may not understand that his digging is your nightmare. Yelling at him, chasing him, or swatting at him will not teach him. He may think that you are only playing. In order to stop dog digging, you will have to train your dog how to leave the ground alone.

By first understanding why dog’s dig, you will get a better appreciation for how to stop him. Some dog’s dig if they are threatened. This may be a result of other animals in the area, a noisy neighborhood, and strong smells. Dogs have keener senses and will react differently depending on the stimuli. Some dogs won’t do anything while others will dig.

Boredom is another reason that dogs may dig. Pent up energy must be used somehow, so many dogs will use this energy to bark, run, or dig. Daily exercise is very important for dogs not only for health benefits, but to keep them from having nervous energy. Keep toys available for the animal so that he can find an alternative to digging.

Heat can be another factor. Hot summer days can become too much for some dogs. Their solution may be to get into a cooler place. Trees are one place to find shade, but if a desirable spot cannot be located, he may resort to digging to find a cool place. Be sure to have plenty of cool water available at all times for him. Dogs don’t sweat like humans do, so it may be a good idea to leave a small pool or watering are where he can dip his underbelly, paws, and nose to cool down.

Research is often required when trying to train this behavioral problem from your dog. Certain breeds of dogs like to dig more than others, just as certain dogs like the water more than others. They have been bred to chase, hunt, and dig up any prey they might be after. Keep this in mind as you do your investigative work. If your dog happens to be one of these “digging breeds”, you may decide to leave a small area where it is acceptable to dig. By burying toys and treats in this are, it will inspire him to only dig there and not in important areas of your yard. Most people will not have this space so alternative methods may have to be tried instead.

The biggest element to stop dogs from digging is to have other activities for them to do instead. Stay involved with your dog and his physical activity. If you take part in his playing, he will be a lot less likely to begin digging. Dogs sleep a lot. Well-exercised dogs sleep a lot more and do not look for other activities to keep themselves occupied.

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